Celina Duffy

Celina Duffy is passionate about helping businesses grow and develop through the use of effective branding, advertisting, and design. In 1995, she founded Tagline Communications, after studying Graphic Communications (with an emphasis in Design Reproduction Technology), working in the industry as a pre-press manager for a printing company, and freelancing for top advertising agencies. She brings years of design, web development, print, advertising, and marketing experience to her projects and embraces creative challenges. She enjoys the design process and feels rewarded when she helps businesses evolve and find solutions for their branding and marketing needs.

With over 20 years in the creative field, she has experience working on projects for The White House, Smithsonian Institution, Starwood Resorts, City of Los Angeles, Deluxe Entertainment, Coldwell Banker, American Library Association, Wesley Allen, Epson America, The Righteous Brothers, and Hilton, to name a few. To view her work or to learn more about Tagline Communications, please visit: tagline.com.